Without a doubt, workers in our country always give the best of themselves when carrying out their work in order to earn a decent salary and be able to take it home and live a financially peaceful life. Unfortunately, however, sometimes employers can take advantage and not pay the appropriate amount to their workers.

In this blog, we talk about wage theft, a violation of worker rights committed by employers. With the help of a lawyer, you can have a solution that helps protect your rights.

But, first of all, what does the term wage theft refer to?

This term refers to any illegal action taken by your employer in which your salary is implicated. Certain practices committed by your employer violate your rights if they result in you not getting paid for the work you do so they can keep the money to themselves. In most cases, they seek to take advantage of the lack of information of some workers or their fear of losing their job if they decide to file a complaint.

Employers who take these actions will generally try to do it inconspicuously so that no complaints are made. Some examples are: not paying overtime, paying less than what was established in the worker’s contract, or withholding payments as a punishment for a mistake. On more serious occasions, they pay less than the legal minimum wage.

Suing an employer who is not paying you what you should receive and violating your rights can certainly be a complicated and scary process because you cannot afford to lose your job. However, labor laws protect whistleblowers, although not all workers are aware of them.

That is why we recommend you approach one of our labor law attorneys, who will advise you so that you learn more about the subject and can file a lawsuit feeling more confident and protected.

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