Cases of discrimination at work continue to happen even in the age in which we live. Employment discrimination refers to a situation in which employers or co-workers treat a person differently because of their differences.

The most common cause of discrimination in the workplace is differences in a person’s physique or cultural aspects, such as the religion to which they belong. These preferences or appearances that make them different from the rest of the work team, such as their origin, race, gender, among others, are the target for the discrimination they suffer.

Due to the discrimination that a person can suffer, their work can be directly affected as this causes people to feel uncomfortable in their environment, especially if it is their team that discriminates against them. The emotional damage that the words of those around them can cause their performance to decline and even their absence from the workplace. On the other hand, if the discrimination comes from their superiors, their work may be affected due to the different treatment they receive and their decisions based on their discriminatory treatment, such as fewer opportunities for growth, reduced wages, unfavorable hours, among others.

In the event of such treatment, California law protects workers with the help of the Department of Fair Employment and Housing in the same way that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission does federally. They are also responsible for applying these laws to offer equal working conditions for all workers in the country.

Thanks to these laws, if you suffer from discrimination, you will be able to file a complaint for compensation that may include the losses that this has caused you, for example, the reduction of your wages, as well as the emotional damage that you suffered as a result of this discriminatory treatment.

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