When looking for a new opportunity in your work life, you hope to meet an interviewer or employer who respects you as a person and makes you feel that the place where you could end up working will have a healthy environment for your well-being. However, on various occasions, attending an interview can become a nightmare for many due to different factors that are considered illegal in this country.

Among these activities, the most common is discrimination, as an interviewer or employer may act inappropriately and mistreat a candidate for factors other than employment, such as ethnicity, mother tongue, sexual preferences, among many others. This can cause discomfort to those who decided to apply for the job in the first instance.

Likewise, there are a series of questions that can lead to discrimination and that are illegal during the job interview. They are also completely unnecessary and irrelevant for the job position, such as:

If you suffer an act of discrimination or are harassed with any of the previous questions, and if this leads the employer to deny you the job you requested, you will have the right to file a lawsuit. This is due to federal laws that are set out in documents like the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

In these cases, it is best to hire an employment law attorney as these cases can be complex due to the difficulty of finding evidence to support your claim. However, at Lara & Luna APC, we can help. We are always ready to fight for justice in your cases and obtain the compensation you deserve for violating your rights.

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