In the process of looking for a new job and attending interviews, in addition to the stress caused by the process, you may have to deal with various questions from your potential employers. However, according to the country’s laws, you do not have to respond to every one of them.

There are questions that interviewers may ask that are considered illegal. The questions that are not allowed are generally the most personal and specific about the candidate and can give rise to a case of discrimination. You should remember that you can sue anyone who asks you these kinds of questions.

Some examples of topics that are prohibited from being discussed in job interviews are:

As you can see, all the above questions are related to personal issues that have nothing to do with the skills to perform the job in question. Instead, permitted questions should focus on the candidate’s qualifications, skills, and work experience.

During an interview, the only questions you are advised to answer that are acceptable within the established laws are those related to the position and your professional experience related to said position. Answering any of the questions considered illegal could make you the victim of a case of discrimination.

Do not hesitate to contact our attorneys if you believe you have been discriminated against during the job interview process.

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