The Fair Labor Standards Act establishes rules that ensure fair pay and other work-related rules. These regulations indicate that employees have the right to receive fair compensation of at least the established minimum wage. It also establishes that employees must pay overtime at the rate of “time and a half” of the employee’s regular hourly wage and also establishes rules about the work of minors. If an employee violates these regulations, he or she may be subject to a worker claim.

This set of laws seeks to ensure that employees have a decent workplace in which their rights are respected and their needs are considered. For example, a fair salary is a crucial part of the well-being of workers, proper treatment, and that workers feel appropriately recognized. These laws also include prohibitions against retaliation by employers if a worker makes a complaint or takes legal action.

These laws establish that the minimum age to work is 16 years. Age regulations are intended to prevent unscrupulous employees from taking advantage of minors’ lack of knowledge and experience for profit.

Some additional fair labor standards rules that the worker must follow are:

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