Although asking your boss for a raise can make you feel uncomfortable, we believe it is an activity that all workers should do after working for the same employer for a while because, although some companies offer raises automatically after certain periods , there are many others that will not raise your salary unless you ask for it directly.

However, asking for a raise is not that simple, several aspects must be taken into account so that when you request it from your employer, you will be successful.

Step by Step

First of all, you have to consider the time in which you are going to ask for your raise, since you cannot simply ask for it at any time. For example, you won’t ask for a raise in the middle of a crowded meeting or on a day when your manager is busy or in a bad mood, as this may lead to your request being denied.

Prepare what you are going to say to your employer with some of the reasons why you think you deserve a raise, whether it is for goals achieved at work, the time you have been with them, job changes, the activities you have done in the last few years, among other achievements that you feel are worth mentioning in order to make your boss see that you really deserve this raise. Try not to present it as a complaint but rather as a positive talk that makes your employer see that a raise like these would motivate you to improve your performance even more.

Remember that salary increases are generally given on an annual basis, so we recommend that you wait at least one year between each of your requests, in addition to seeing each one of these as a possibility of a job promotion in case your employer requests it. comment at the time you ask for a raise.

All workers deserve a decent salary that is consistent with their responsibilities and the achievements they have had while growing in the company, do not hesitate to ask for them when you think it is fair.

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