California’s anti-discrimination laws are responsible for protecting the rights of workers so that they can enjoy decent conditions in the workplace and enjoy the same opportunities as any other employee.

Specifically, you can learn more about these laws through the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, which is applied to both public and private companies and which mentions that any employer with more than 5 workers in his company is prohibited from committing any act of discrimination against an employee who is part of a minority or simply because they think, look, or have customs different from yours.

Similarly, it is illegal to punish a worker who has wanted to report one of these discriminatory acts with low wages, unjustified dismissals, more complicated tasks, overtime, among others.

These laws are applicable to all stages of a person’s working life, from job search and application, interviews, hiring, training, day-to-day work and even dismissals and unemployment. In this way, workers will be protected regardless of the stage in which they find themselves and they will be able to assert their rights in the event that these are not respected in the following discriminatory situations:

Regardless of the type of discrimination you are suffering and regardless of the way in which you are being discriminated against, you can sue the organization or person that is committing said negligence and you can obtain compensation for the damages that this has caused you. Either economic by not paying you the same as others or even psychological and emotional damage by having abused you.

With the help of an employment law attorney, you will be able to get the answers to your questions regarding lawsuits against companies regardless of their size, you will be able to present your evidence, review and build your case, and finally, the lawyers will be able to fight to get what he deserves for having been discriminated against in the workplace.

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