Continuing to go to work while pregnant may seem dangerous or challenging to some women in the workplace. However, this does not have to be such a challenge and even thanks to anti-discrimination laws for women during pregnancy, your working life should be as comfortable as possible during these months.

These laws prohibit employers from discriminating against a pregnant worker and committing acts such as firing them, lowering their salary, taking away responsibilities, among others. On the contrary, these oblige the company in which she is working, in case of having more than 5 employees, to provide any adaptation that is necessary so that the woman can continue with her activities in the best possible way, taking care of her health and your baby’s.

Some of these accommodations may include:

All of these accommodations must be allowed without jeopardizing your job, or you could sue your employer since not allowing you to take these medically prescribed leaves or discriminating because of your pregnancy are considered illegal activities.

If you are experiencing discrimination or have been denied any permission established by law, do not hesitate to contact our labor law attorneys Lara & Luna APC. We are here to help you.

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