There is a law in the state of California that protects workers in the event that the place they work decides to lay off en masse or close completely for any reason. This law is better known by its acronym WARN, which mentions that employers are required to notify their workers that they will be laid off at least 60 days in advance in the event of a mass layoff at the plant or company. .

What the WARN seeks is to protect both employers and their families so that they have time to prepare by searching for new jobs and making the necessary accommodations so that the moment of dismissal is not so hard for them.

Fortunately for both employers and workers, there is support from the California Department of Workforce Development in which an emergency team could be providing support with training to be more competent in the world of work, job search, insurance for unemployment among others that will make this transition easier.

In the event that your employer suddenly fires you and a large number of your colleagues without giving them this much notice, you could sue and get compensation for not having complied with the law. On the other hand, if your employer does not provide you with a fair final payment that is in accordance with what is legally established or the amounts mentioned in your contract, you could also claim and obtain compensation for it regardless of the reason for the mass dismissal or closure. whole of the company.

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