In the state of California and our country, workplace discrimination is a crime thanks to the laws that protect workers so that they are not mistreated in their workplace and that everyone can enjoy the same rights. at the time of work.

Any type of discrimination at work can be the reason for the discriminated person to make a claim and sue to obtain compensation for the losses that this has caused, as well as for the emotional damage that they have had to suffer when going through such a situation. unpleasant as being discriminated against for being part of a minority.

Types of discrimination

The most common types of discrimination at work are usually due to place of origin, sex, sexual preferences, religion, language, age, among others. Whatever you suffered, you too could sue. Remember that discrimination often comes in many forms and not just as a derogatory attitude towards a person.

Discrimination can also include, but is not limited to, wrongful termination, different pay than your peers in the same position, denial of growth opportunities, and even denial of hiring from the moment you are looking for a job and the interviewer or manager find a difference in your profile.

Look for help

We know that suffering from discrimination by your superior or by your colleagues can affect your performance in the work area and decrease your desire to carry out your activities thanks to the great weight that having to go to work in an environment places on your shoulders. where you don’t feel respected or safe. Therefore, we remind you of the importance of speaking on time.

Approach your superior or Human Resources department to try to find a solution to the discriminatory acts you are suffering and if you do not receive any type of support, contact a labor law lawyer.

At Lara & Luna APC, we support you during the process and fight for what you deserve.

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