The moment in which a woman is expecting a child must be one of the most special moments of her life, but it can also be one of the most difficult to bear emotionally. The workplace and the environment in which you work should be a safe place where you can go and carry out your activities with the comforts possible due to your condition and you should not suffer any type of discrimination or mistreatment.

Employers should treat a pregnant woman like any other worker who has a health condition that requires certain accommodations to be able to continue carrying out the activities required by their position, so in case they require support from their employer, they should agree as long as what you request does not affect your work.

Unfortunately, there are cases in which colleagues or the same employer harass a pregnant woman just because she is expecting a child, thus creating a toxic environment that is difficult for the victim to handle. This can affect their activities and their employment, since harassment generally involves insults, practical jokes, unkind looks, teasing, and discrimination against women.

This type of harassment can occur in different ways and not only verbally, especially now that information technologies lend themselves to other ways of sending offensive messages. Harassment can also occur through messages, emails, phone calls, among others in which the harasser sends written messages, offensive images, or inappropriately touches a pregnant woman in the work area or even outside of it, believing that it is outside of business hours. of work will have no consequences.

If you are a victim of workplace bullying because you are pregnant, your first step might be to approach your employer or hiring manager to see if they can stop this behavior, but if not, you could start a legal claim. For this, we recommend you have the support of a labor lawyer who can accompany you in the process and fight for your rights.

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