The Americans with Disabilities Act was created to protect all people with disabilities from discrimination. In this way, all of them have access to the same rights as any other American in our country to be able to carry out their day-to-day activities in a normal way and in the easiest and most accessible way for them.

Regardless of the type of disability, people who have any will be protected by this law and the rest of the population has the obligation to comply with what is established in it, therefore discriminating against a person who suffers from a disability ( visual, physical, auditory, among others) is illegal and could be punished.

The ADA for its acronym in English also includes laws within it to protect employees, workers or candidates and the unemployed who are in the workplace or seek to do so so that, fairly, they can continue with their lives and support themselves and others. their families like anyone else would.

Thanks to this law, people with disabilities cannot be discriminated against in a recruitment process and must be evaluated to make the decision by recruiters based on their aptitudes and abilities to perform the position and not on the type of disability they suffer. . In the same way, it is prohibited for an employer to unfairly dismiss or deny growth opportunities to a disabled person because they are different from the rest of their colleagues, so their capacity and performance must also be evaluated like that of any other employee within the organization. .

Likewise, employers have the obligation to provide the facilities that are possible so that the worker can carry out his activities in the most accessible way possible, taking into account his disability. Making some accommodations within offices or workplaces such as placing ramps, providing material, among others, may be examples of acts that an employer can perform to facilitate the performance of the disabled person.

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