All employers should ensure the safety of their workers so that they can carry out their work without putting their health at risk.

Unfortunately, there are many employers who, in order to save a little money or avoid the fatigue of training their employees, do not follow the basic safety standards that should be followed on a daily basis to avoid accidents.

Year after year, the National Safety Council issues a report on the most common safety violations in the workplace with the purpose of raising awareness among employers.

The most common security violations

  1. Fall Protection: This means that the most common violation is the one in which workers are not protected with the proper equipment so that they are not at risk of falling from high surfaces. Violations include failure to use harnesses, lack of training to work at heights, among others.
  2. Respiratory protection: By not using proper masks, employees run the risk of inhaling toxic substances. Also, failure to properly maintain masks can mean that workers are not properly protected.
  3. Ladders: Not giving them the maintenance they require or using them in a dangerous way, can represent a great risk of falls for the people who work with them and cause serious injuries.
  4. Scaffolding: Not placing scaffolding correctly or that it is in poor condition can also cause employees in the works to suffer falls or serious accidents. In addition, not training workers to use it can mean a greater risk.
  5. Danger signs: Not installing warnings or danger signs can cause a worker to use substances or machinery incorrectly, putting their health at risk, as well as not training them to understand the signs.

Remember that you deserve a safe workplace and an environment where you feel safe to carry out your activities. In case your employer is not respecting these measures, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with our lawyers.

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