Bullying at work can affect anyone regardless of the position they hold within an organization.

Generally, it occurs between colleagues, however, on some occasions it also happens between superiors and employees.

Bullying can take different forms such as through any technological means, through physical or mental violence, or as any form of aggression towards the victim.

Why does workplace bullying happen?

This usually occurs within an organization for different reasons, among which we can find:

Whatever the reason, suffering from workplace bullying must be reported in order to stop it as soon as possible, since otherwise it can begin to seriously affect the victim.

What are the consequences of bullying?

Suffering this type of behavior can affect the victim in ways such as:

In the same way, the consequences between each person who is being abused could vary, however, when you are affected by an abusive person, you have the right to claim and in case you are not heard within the organization, you can file your claim with the authorities.

In addition, getting a good employment law lawyer will help you navigate all the legal procedures that you require in order to also recover compensation for the psychological damage that bullying has caused you.

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