Thanks to the advances that our country has made towards a more diverse and inclusive society, laws have been created that oblige employers to provide their workers with the necessary accommodations so that they can profess their religion as long as this does not affect their work. An employer who denies religious leave or accommodations to an employee could be taken as a discrimination case and sued.

On the other hand, an employer that supports its workers while they can express their culture and spirituality, can create a more inclusive, diverse and healthy work environment for the entire team. Generally, the accommodations he gets to make may include:

In addition, it will be important that there is a culture of respect and inclusion within the company or constant training or talks where employees are invited to be more inclusive to achieve that, in this way, all those who profess a different religion from the majority or dress differently from the majority, they can feel safe in the place where they work and also, feel comfortable being able to profess their religious and spiritual beliefs without feeling that they are judged or mistreated.

Unfortunately, even with these practices by employers, sometimes there are little tolerant people who can discriminate, harass or make someone who is professing their religion uncomfortable. In these cases, you can sue that person after having suffered harassment, bullying or ridicule in the workplace.

In those cases, our employment law attorneys are ready to support you and fight your employer or whoever it takes to get the justice you deserve.

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