Fair Labor Standards Act

The Fair Labor Standards Act establishes rules that ensure fair pay and other work-related rules. These regulations indicate that employees have the right to receive fair compensation of at least the established minimum wage. It also establishes that employees must pay overtime at the rate of “time and a half” of the employee’s regular hourly […]

How to report a discrimination case?

Unfortunately, employment discrimination is a situation that increasingly occurs in work teams in all types of industries. Discriminatory acts can be jokes, malicious comments, rejections, and mistreatment, among other actions. These situations generally affect the performance of the worker who suffers from them; the worker will likely reduce their performance and lose the desire to […]

What is the Family and Medical Leave Act about?

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was put into effect to support employees in times of family or personal difficulty so that they could help their families during serious situations. This law allows employees to request a leave for up to 12 weeks in a period of one year to be absent and take […]

Basic rights every employee must know

All workers deserve to have a safe and comfortable work environment. For this reason, below, we will review some of the basic rights of each worker since it is crucial to know them so as not to overlook any violation of them. Fortunately, California law protects workers’ rights by ensuring that they have the workplace […]

International day for the elimination of racial discrimination

Every March 21, the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is celebrated to bring to our memory the efforts made to eliminate racial discrimination in the world. The reason that March 21 was chosen is that this date commemorates the events of 1960 in Sharpeville. On this date, the police killed around 69 […]

Consequences of illegal retaliation

Working for a company that is committing violations of your rights or where the behavior of your supervisors is intolerable is extremely difficult. However, these situations can become even more complicated if you decide to report someone who commits illegal actions within your workspace. Sometimes, oppressors do not just carry out workers’ rights violations, but […]

Anti-doping control in the workplace

The State of California has laws in place to regulate requests for anti-doping tests to workers or candidates. Under these laws, employers are not required to test candidates unless federal law requires it for specific jobs or employers. Being one of the states that most actively promotes respect for employee privacy, there are cases where […]

Prohibited questions during a job interview

In the process of looking for a new job and attending interviews, in addition to the stress caused by the process, you may have to deal with various questions from your potential employers. However, according to the country’s laws, you do not have to respond to every one of them. There are questions that interviewers […]

Reduction of employee wages or benefits

There are times when employers decide to reduce a worker’s hours or activities. The factors causing these reductions may or may not be legal. For example, after the COVID-19 pandemic began, many employers found themselves direly needing to cut the wages they previously offered their workers. This was due to the changes generated in the […]

Being demoted for the wrong reasons

When starting a new work position, the employer will generally give you a contract where the activities and benefits of said position are established. This same contract establishes a description of the position and responsibilities to be carried out in the company. There are times when, depending on the performance or skills of each worker, […]