Anti-doping control in the workplace

The State of California has laws in place to regulate requests for anti-doping tests to workers or candidates. Under these laws, employers are not required to test candidates unless federal law requires it for specific jobs or employers. Being one of the states that most actively promotes respect for employee privacy, there are cases where […]

Prohibited questions during a job interview

In the process of looking for a new job and attending interviews, in addition to the stress caused by the process, you may have to deal with various questions from your potential employers. However, according to the country’s laws, you do not have to respond to every one of them. There are questions that interviewers […]

Reduction of employee wages or benefits

There are times when employers decide to reduce a worker’s hours or activities. The factors causing these reductions may or may not be legal. For example, after the COVID-19 pandemic began, many employers found themselves direly needing to cut the wages they previously offered their workers. This was due to the changes generated in the […]

Being demoted for the wrong reasons

When starting a new work position, the employer will generally give you a contract where the activities and benefits of said position are established. This same contract establishes a description of the position and responsibilities to be carried out in the company. There are times when, depending on the performance or skills of each worker, […]

Difference between independent contractors and employees

As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, a misclassification by your employer could benefit the company. However, the consequences for you as a worker are not something you should ignore. There are even times when contractors and employees work together, not knowing that they are being classified unfairly or incorrectly. But what difference does it make […]

Cases Protected by California Law

California employment law and that of the United States give workers rights and obligations that must be respected by employers. If not, they could face lawsuits from their workers. In addition to protecting employees, these laws protect anyone in the working world, whether as an applicant for a job, a former employee, or an independent […]

Employee Misclassification: What You Need to Know

Unfortunately, some workers find themselves in unfair situations when their employers seek to benefit themselves more than those who work for them. One of these common situations is the misclassification of employees. This consists of the action taken by employers to classify a worker as independent when they are not, to avoid paying taxes, medical […]

Rights of a candidate when applying for a job

When looking for a new opportunity in your work life, you hope to meet an interviewer or employer who respects you as a person and makes you feel that the place where you could end up working will have a healthy environment for your well-being. However, on various occasions, attending an interview can become a […]

Cases of discrimination at work

Cases of discrimination at work continue to happen even in the age in which we live. Employment discrimination refers to a situation in which employers or co-workers treat a person differently because of their differences. The most common cause of discrimination in the workplace is differences in a person’s physique or cultural aspects, such as […]

What is retaliation?

If you have decided to file a claim for any illegal behavior or activity committed by your employer, he or she does not have the right to take action against you, thanks to a law that protects workers from illegal retaliation. Retaliation refers to actions an employer takes against a worker who decided to raise […]