What is retaliation?

If you have decided to file a claim for any illegal behavior or activity committed by your employer, he or she does not have the right to take action against you, thanks to a law that protects workers from illegal retaliation. Retaliation refers to actions an employer takes against a worker who decided to raise […]

Wrongful Terminations: What To Know

In California, most employment contracts are considered “at will,” which gives freedom to the employee to resign from the position and to the employer to dismiss them. However, being fired for illegal reasons is still not allowed, and there are laws that deal with it. Employment law prohibits employers from firing their workers for reasons […]

Workplace harassment

Harassment at work is one of the most prevalent problems present within the offices of the country. Fortunately, the Labor Law protects victims of harassment and strictly prohibits this type of behavior at work. Suffering from bullying can create an unpleasant environment in the workplace and affect the activities and the day-to-day life of the […]

All about wage theft

Without a doubt, workers in our country always give the best of themselves when carrying out their work in order to earn a decent salary and be able to take it home and live a financially peaceful life. Unfortunately, however, sometimes employers can take advantage and not pay the appropriate amount to their workers. In […]

Injuries at work

The laws of the state of California regulate and protect the safety of workers in their place of employment in the event that they suffer an accident while performing their work, either due to an error or because of the negligence of their employer by not providing suitable conditions for them to work safely. Employers […]