Laws related to working from home

Today, and largely due to the coronavirus pandemic that we have been experiencing in recent years, the way people work has also changed. From now on, there are numerous companies that decided to transmit all their operations to a virtual mode, in order to avoid the expenses generated by office rents. The “home office” as […]

Anti-discrimination Laws

California’s anti-discrimination laws are responsible for protecting the rights of workers so that they can enjoy decent conditions in the workplace and enjoy the same opportunities as any other employee. Specifically, you can learn more about these laws through the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, which is applied to both public and private companies […]

Paid Time Off Laws

Under the laws set forth in the California Labor Code, employers are not legally required to offer their employees paid time off, whether it be vacations, personal days, or days away from the office. However, if the employer has offered this benefit from the beginning of the contract, it will have the legal obligation to […]

Ten things you should know if you got fired

We know that being fired from your job can feel like the end of the world and that your life will be affected by the lack of it, and you may even think that it will be difficult to find a new one. However, you can take advantage of this situation and learn as much […]

How can the FMLA help?

The Family and Medical Leave Act was established to help and support those workers who are going through a bad moment of health and need to take time off work to recover properly. This law also allows them to take this time in case one of their immediate family members is ill and requires care. […]

When To Ask For A Salary Increase?

Although asking your boss for a raise can make you feel uncomfortable, we believe it is an activity that all workers should do after working for the same employer for a while because, although some companies offer raises automatically after certain periods , there are many others that will not raise your salary unless you […]

What do I need to quit my job?

Quitting a job in which you are not happy can be something you have been waiting for so long to feel free and seek new opportunities in your professional life. However, there are several points to take into account so that your exit is as fluid and calm as possible since, after all, you leave […]

Discrimination based on citizenship status

In the United States, employers are prohibited from discriminating in any way against a worker or job applicant. Unfortunately, however, discrimination is still present in the workplace. Today, we will talk specifically about a type of discrimination that is common in our country. We refer to discrimination based on a person’s immigration status. Building a […]

Fair Labor Standards Act

The Fair Labor Standards Act establishes rules that ensure fair pay and other work-related rules. These regulations indicate that employees have the right to receive fair compensation of at least the established minimum wage. It also establishes that employees must pay overtime at the rate of “time and a half” of the employee’s regular hourly […]

How to report a discrimination case?

Unfortunately, employment discrimination is a situation that increasingly occurs in work teams in all types of industries. Discriminatory acts can be jokes, malicious comments, rejections, and mistreatment, among other actions. These situations generally affect the performance of the worker who suffers from them; the worker will likely reduce their performance and lose the desire to […]