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Defamation, whether through false accusations, libel, or slander can be a very real issue in employee rights. If you have been subject to defamation of character in the workplace which has led to adverse consequences such as the loss of your job or your professional reputation being damaged, you may have a legal claim. It is important to talk to a Southern California defamation lawyer at Lara & Luna APC to discuss the specific facts and circumstances of your situation so that you can get the legal advice and counsel you need. Our attorneys are well-versed in all aspects of employee rights and can initiate legal action on your behalf.

Defamation in the Work Environment

You may have lost your job or professional reputation due to false attacks on your character or reputation. If so, you may have a legal right to sue for defamation of character. Furthermore, if the false attacks were the cause for your termination, you may also be able to make a defamation claim for slander and/or libel even if you were an “at-will” employee, meaning that you had no written contract with your employer.

Defamation consists of false and intentionally malicious oral or written statements or actions against your good name, character, and reputation. These false attacks against you may consist of libel or slander. Libel is generally defamation through print or written statements or through photographs of a misleading nature. Slander generally consists of hearsay, where rumors and lies are spread about you through conversation and gossip. These types of attacks injure your good name through suggestions that you are dishonest, incompetent, lazy, immoral, or possess and display other negative qualities. If you lose your job or professional reputation because of this and then have to explain to a future potential employer why you are seeking new employment, these types of attacks can pose a severe roadblock.

In any type of defamation claim, you may be entitled to recover damages for emotional distress and possibly punitive damages. Because every case is different, it is important that you discuss your particular situation with a Southern California defamation attorney at Lara & Luna APC so that you can get the specific legal counsel you need. Our firm serves clients throughout Los Angeles, San Diego, and all communities in between.

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