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Discrimination and harassment of any kind in the workplace is not only demeaning but illegal. These negative employment practices can come in many forms. Should you feel that you have been unfairly victimized by discriminatory or harassing practices, you should arrange to consult with a discrimination / harassment lawyer at Lara & Luna APC at your earliest opportunity. Our attorneys can review and assess your situation, counsel you on your legal rights, and initiate legal action on your behalf to remedy any unlawful violations of state or federal statutes. We represent clients throughout Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties.

Discrimination in the Workplace

Discrimination that prevents you from obtaining employment, advancement, a pay raise, or a promotion is a violation of your employee rights under law. This may be discrimination based on race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, or disability. Examples of discrimination include unfair hiring practices, layoffs of certain individuals without legitimate cause, a hostile work environment, unequal pay, and even unfair hiring or layoff due to pregnancy (pregnancy discrimination). If you have been victimized by any of these types of discrimination, a discrimination attorney at Lara & Luna APC may be able to help by filing an effective complaint to the EEOC (Equal Employment and Opportunities Commission). Our firm has successfully filed suit on behalf of many clients in such cases with excellent results.

Workplace Harassment

Any type of harassment in the workplace violates a number of state and federal laws. Harassment creates a hostile work environment, whether through sexual harassment or harassment because of your age, race, national origin or disability, gender; discrimination, or some other form of workplace harassment. Often, such hostile work environments can become so counterproductive that those who are subjected to this type of treatment are wrongfully terminated or feel that their only alternative is to quit employment. If this has happened to you, we recommend that you talk to a harassment attorney at Lara & Luna APC as soon as possible. Attorney Linda Luna has helped harassed employees achieve positive results in these matters.

In any type of wrongful termination claim involving discrimination and harassment, you may be entitled to damages for lost wages because of the wrongful termination in addition to emotional distress and exemplary damages. Because every case is different, it is important that you discuss your particular situation with a Southern California wrongful termination attorney at Lara & Luna APC so that you can get the specific legal counsel you need. Our firm serves clients throughout Los Angeles, San Diego, and all communities in between.

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