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Employment Litigation

If your employee rights have been violated anywhere in southern California, you may need to seek legal recourse through civil litigation in the courts. The violation of your rights may be based on a wrongful termination, discrimination, workplace harassment, including sexual harassment or a hostile work environment, defamation of character associated with the loss of your job, a dispute over wages, leaves, non-compete agreements, trade secrets, or some other workplace issue.
Whatever dispute or issue you may be involved in, you will want an attorney who is fully-versed in employment law and who will tenaciously work to defend your rights and work hard to achieve the best case result in court. We recommend that you contact Lara & Luna APC to arrange to speak with an employment litigation attorney about the specific facts and circumstances of your situation so that we can advise you on your legal rights, options, and remedies through state or federal courts.


Litigation can be a highly effective tool in cases involving employee rights violations. Our attorneys are highly competent in litigation matters, having brought cases before federal and state courts as well as before administrative agencies such as the EEOC and FEHA. If arbitration and mediation fail to resolve a dispute involving discrimination, wrongful termination, labor code violations or other employee rights matters, it may be time to take it to the next level and file a lawsuit against an employer engaging in illegal employment practices. When you need effective representation to protect your rights in a court of law, speak with an employment litigation attorney at Lara & Luna APC to see what may be done.

Class Actions for Labor Code Violations

It is vital in these economic times to have knowledgeable representation in any case involving labor code violations. A company which attempts to cut costs by violating state or federal labor statutes should be held firmly responsible for any unpaid wages, overtime violations, and even meal or rest break violations. We keep well-informed and practiced in the area of labor codes and have helped clients obtain restitution and compensation for violations to which they have been subjected. If you are concerned that your employer is violating labor codes we may be able to represent you in a class action against that individual or company.

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