Non-Compete/Confidential and Trade Secrets Agreements


If you are involved in a legal dispute concerning non-compete/confidentiality clauses or agreements or matters involving trade secrets, you will want to get competent legal advice from an attorney who focuses on employment law and is prepared to challenge any illegal clauses or agreement imposed on you by a former employer in a variety of industries. We recommend that you discuss your situation with an employee rights attorney at Lara & Luna APC to get the answers you need. Our firm concentrates primarily on legal issues involving employment matters; we are well-versed and adept in resolving disputes arising out of alleged breach of a non-compete/confidentiality agreement or alleged breach of a trade secret, whether through negotiation or in courts. We serve clients in Los Angeles, San Diego and all points in between.

Challenging Non-Compete Clauses and Arbitration Agreements

The purpose of a non-compete agreement or arbitration agreement is to protect an employer, partner or company from malicious or damaging actions by a former partner, employee, etc. .

An employee rights lawyer with the firm may be able to disprove the validity of a non-compete clause or arbitration agreement and thus allow you to take a desired legal action against a former or current employer so you are free to proceed in your professional life as you wish.

You may also need legal representation in any dispute over the misappropriation of trade secrets of a former employer. Trade secrets can include not only secret product formulas but everyday business information such as customer lists, business and corporate plans and agendas, spreadsheets, and more. Speak with a lawyer as soon as possible to get the legal counsel you need in such a situation.

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