Severance Package Negotiation


When the day comes that you leave your job, if the terms of your severance have not been spelled out in a contract entered into when you were first employed, you may need the help of a qualified attorney to negotiate a severance package. You may have been offered a severance package which can act as a starting point for further negotiation for additional payment and benefits or you may not have been offered one at all. In either of these circumstances, you need to know your legal rights so that appropriate action can be taken and an attorney can negotiate a better severance agreement on your behalf. By discussing your situation with an Southern California employee rights attorney at Lara & Luna APC, your case can be reviewed, evaluated, your legal rights assessed, and a negotiation can be initiated between our attorney and your employer to seek a package that will help you in the transition of finding new employment. You should, therefore, refrain from signing any severance agreement prematurely; a lawyer from our firm can help you understand your options.

How an Attorney Can Help

At the point where you are leaving your current employment, whether due to termination by your employer or by your own determination, the relationship between you and your employer may have become strained. It is most probably too late for a friendly negotiation between the two of you. At this point, to get the best terms possible, you may need a legal professional to step in and facilitate the negotiation or who can research your case to determine what you should be paid. Our legal team is adept at this and in the negotiation skills needed to represent you.

You also may have been offered a severance package and are wondering if it is a fair one. By working with an employee rights lawyer at Lara & Luna APC who handles these types of cases frequently, we can determine whether any of your employee rights have been violated by your termination or the package offered, whether you have any employee rights claims which might affect your severance, and whether any other negotiation leverage is available which can be used to argue for a more beneficial package.

Our firm serves clients throughout Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties in negotiating employment severance agreements.

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