Protecting Your Wage And Hour Rights


If you have a legal issue concerning wages as an employee you should seek professional legal help from a qualified attorney. If you feel your employee rights have been violated in regards to any type of wages, whether overtime, commission, bonus, severance, expenses, vacation, or breaks, an employee rights lawyer at our firm can review your grievance or situation, evaluate it under state and federal employment law, regulation, and provisions, and advise you on your legal rights. In any case where your rights have been violated, our firm can take legal action on your behalf to remedy and resolve the matter as efficiently and thoroughly as possible.

California Wage & Hour Laws

The matter of wages paid to employees is governed by California law. In general, these statutes, regulations, and wage orders dictate how often and when you must be paid for general wages, overtime wages, reimbursement of employee expenses, and wages due upon termination, often according to what type of employment you are engaged in. For example, an employee who is terminated must be paid all of the wages owed him or her, including any accrued vacation time, immediately upon termination. An employer who knowingly fails to do so may be charged with a penalty.

Wage disputes can be based on many factors, including timekeeper violations, misclassifications of employment and pay rates, miscalculations of overtime wages, record keeping mistakes and violations, unpaid overtime for both hourly and salaried employees, or unpaid expenses and other factors. Disputes also often arise where an employer fails to provide employees with meal and rest breaks in accordance with the law.

If you are in a dispute with your employer over wages owed you or if you feel your employer has taken advantage of you regarding your salary, wages, or breaks you should talk to an employee rights attorney at Lara & Luna APC as soon as possible.

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