National Labor Relations Act.

The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) protects employees’ rights and promotes healthy labor relations. Understanding its fundamental principles is essential for workers to navigate the complexities of labor relations more effectively and resolve issues with their employers more easily. First of all, what is the NLRA? Enacted in 1935, the NLRA aims to safeguard employees’ […]

What are the social benefits?

Wellness benefits, or fringe benefits, are generally provided by employers to improve the well-being, safety, and satisfaction of their employees. These benefits often contribute significantly to employees’ overall work experience, making them happier in their workplace. Health care benefits Employer-provided health insurance is one of the most important benefits for employees. It typically includes medical, […]

Overtime laws

Thanks to California’s overtime laws, workers are protected from being exploited and required by their employers to work overtime that may turn dangerous to their health. In addition, these laws seek to ensure that if an employer requires the services of its employees for a period longer than the stipulated period, they are adequately remunerated. […]