Working for a company that is committing violations of your rights or where the behavior of your supervisors is intolerable is extremely difficult. However, these situations can become even more complicated if you decide to report someone who commits illegal actions within your workspace. Sometimes, oppressors do not just carry out workers’ rights violations, but they could even retaliate against the workers to punish them for bringing light to these violations.

Unfortunately, in many cases, the employers themselves take these illegal actions to punish or keep quiet whoever wants to report them. This is done to scare and embarrass this person.

Some of the ways that are generally used to punish someone who has spoken out about worker’s rights violations are:

On the other hand, there are also the consequences that these retaliations can leave you in the victim’s working life. These include emotional damage, stress, and loss of interest in performing and/or going to work. Not to mention the economic consequences these actions can cause, potentially even causing family problems.

If you are experiencing or have experienced unlawful retaliation, you still have ways to defend yourself. The first step will be to contact an attorney who has experience fighting these cases. Subsequently, you must file a lawsuit against your employer with the help and guidance of our attorney. Finally, once the guilt is proven, you will receive monetary compensation for all the damages caused.

Do not hesitate to contact the Lara and Luna APC team. We have the knowledge and tools necessary to obtain the best result for the case. Furthermore, we have years of experience in these battles, always supporting our clients in the best possible way.

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