Unfortunately, bullying also often occurs in the workplace in a variety of ways and can be as simple as denying a coworker speech or as serious as insulting or physically assaulting.

It is important that cases of bullying are identified in a timely manner in order to stop them and not let this affect the work environment of a company.

What can be considered bullying alerts?

How to act after identifying these alerts?

If you are a victim of bullying, do not hesitate to immediately approach your superiors or the human resources department. They should do what they can to make you feel safe, especially after you have gone to complain about being abused or mistreated by your partner(s).

Conversely, if you identify that another is being bullied, try to reach out to him or her so that he or she feels that you can be trusted and you can seek support or help together. The first step will always be to speak with the corresponding authorities.

How can bullying affect a worker?

A person who suffers bullying will clearly be affected by it and this can be seen directly reflected in her work.

Who is a victim of abuse or mistreatment, may present a lack of motivation, depression, be absent more than normal, and even lose their job due to their poor performance.

Within the company, your employer should be able to help you and pay special attention to it. However, if they do not address your complaint, you can talk to authorities outside the company who can help you.

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