Before deciding to sign a contract for a job, it is essential to evaluate several key points to ensure that you are making an informed decision about your new job and that it suits you as you expect. Here are some of the main factors you should consider:

1. Job expectations and responsibilities:

Check that the job description matches the activities you will have to perform daily and that these align with your skills and professional objectives.

2. Salary and benefits:

Take a good look at the salary, commissions, or other forms of remuneration that you will obtain and ensure that these are fair, as well as the benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, vacation days, and others.

3. Duration of the contract and its conditions:

Review the length of the contract and understand the terms related to the notice period if you resign or are fired and any penalties for early termination.

4. Non-Competence and confidentiality:

These clauses may restrict your ability to work in a similar industry to that company or disclose information even after you leave your position.

5. Schedules:

Understand your work hours and overtime policies that will tell you whether you will be paid for working longer than normal.

6. Company culture and values:

Evaluate whether the company’s culture and values align with your work ethic: research mission statements and employee experiences.

7. Performance reviews and promotion criteria:

Understand the process for evaluating your performance and the criteria established for receiving promotions or salary increases.

Carefully considering these aspects before signing an employment contract will help you protect your professional rights and interests, which can ensure an agreement that benefits both you and your new employer. If you have doubts about whether any clause in your contract is fair, contact our lawyers. We can help.

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