There are times when employers decide to reduce a worker’s hours or activities. The factors causing these reductions may or may not be legal. For example, after the COVID-19 pandemic began, many employers found themselves direly needing to cut the wages they previously offered their workers. This was due to the changes generated in the world economy, closures, quarantines, and other great weight reasons that were out of their control.

However, some situations can lead an employer to illegally reduce wages and company benefits. In these cases, the affected workers may file a claim with the help of a labor law attorney to recover the lost money or any damage that this has caused them.

The illegal reasons for deciding to take actions such as a salary reduction vary depending on each employer. Among the most common reasons are:

Other actions are considered illegal, such as avoiding overtime payments or reducing the number of hours established in a worker’s contract. Both cases are considered unlawful reasons to reduce benefits or wages. It is crucial to know if you have a contract that details your salary, duties, hours, overtime agreement, and other details about your employment in order to support and initiate the claim process. Through this claim, you will be able to recover the compensation you deserve for having your rights violated.

On the other hand, the reasons that can be considered legal are:

In these cases, employers may be trying to save employees from being laid off. This situation can occur if there are difficulties within the company, and it can be an indicator of goodwill towards the worker.

Approach the lawyers of Lara & Luna to receive support in your case of reduction of salary and benefits. Our team can help you determine if your case is within what is established to be considered illegal or if this action is allowed.

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