What You Should Know If You Are Unexpectedly Fired

Being unexpectedly fired can be a shocking experience that impacts various aspects of our lives, including those close to us who depend on us. Therefore, it is crucial to understand your rights and the steps you should take if you find yourself suddenly unemployed without any seemingly just reason. First Steps Understand your employment situation […]

Did your employer force you to resign? Here’s what you can do.

When an employer creates a work environment so intolerable that you feel forced to resign or directly forces you to do so through threats, the situation becomes a constructive dismissal. What is a constructive dismissal? This type of resignation occurs when working conditions become unbearable due to the actions or inactions of an employer, making […]

Safety Violations and How to Prevent Them to Avoid Work Accidents

Workplace safety is essential to protect employees and ensure a productive environment. Safety violations endanger workers and can have legal consequences for employers. Understanding common safety violations and how to prevent them is crucial for maintaining a safe workplace so that all employees can perform their activities without fear of accidents. The Most Common Safety […]

When can employer negligence occur?

Employer negligence can cause significant harm to employees, affecting their performance and even the work environment. Recognizing the signs of negligence is essential to protecting your rights and seeking the appropriate legal recourse to address these issues, thereby maintaining a safe and friendly workplace for everyone. What can be considered unsafe working conditions? One of […]

Learn the basics of California’s Labor Code with us

Understanding California’s Labor Code may seem overwhelming; however, knowing some essential points is necessary to ensure that your employer respects your rights. From wages and overtime worked to workplace safety and protections against discrimination, California’s Labor Code aims to promote fair and equitable labor practices. Your payments and wages The code establishes the minimum wage […]

Steps to Handle a Salary Dispute

A salary dispute can be stressful for those affected by it. Suppose your compensation needs to be revised according to your job responsibilities, or you have detected an error in your payments. In that case, you can address the issue with your employer or even take it to legal authorities. With the steps presented here, […]

Five ways to take care of your health at work

Maintaining good health in the workplace is crucial for overall well-being, productivity, and job satisfaction. Adding healthy habits to your daily routine can significantly improve your workplace experience, from physical fitness to mental resilience. Below are five essential ways to take care of your health in the workplace: By prioritizing your health in the workplace, […]

Red flags in employment contracts

Finding a new job is an exciting prospect, but amidst the enthusiasm, the details of the employment contract should be noticed. While contracts are designed to protect both parties, there are warning signs that job seekers should be aware of before signing. Below, we provide a guide to spotting these potential obstacles in time. Carefully […]

Industries reporting more workplace bullying cases

Unfortunately, workplace bullying has gained prominence, shedding light on a troubling trend across various industries. Workplace bullying is now recognized as a concern that can have severe consequences for those who experience it. Let’s explore which industries have reported the most cases of workplace harassment in recent years. Healthcare: Surprisingly, this industry has witnessed a […]

National Labor Relations Act.

The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) protects employees’ rights and promotes healthy labor relations. Understanding its fundamental principles is essential for workers to navigate the complexities of labor relations more effectively and resolve issues with their employers more easily. First of all, what is the NLRA? Enacted in 1935, the NLRA aims to safeguard employees’ […]