Steps to Handle a Salary Dispute

A salary dispute can be stressful for those affected by it. Suppose your compensation needs to be revised according to your job responsibilities, or you have detected an error in your payments. In that case, you can address the issue with your employer or even take it to legal authorities. With the steps presented here, […]

Five ways to take care of your health at work

Maintaining good health in the workplace is crucial for overall well-being, productivity, and job satisfaction. Adding healthy habits to your daily routine can significantly improve your workplace experience, from physical fitness to mental resilience. Below are five essential ways to take care of your health in the workplace: By prioritizing your health in the workplace, […]

Red flags in employment contracts

Finding a new job is an exciting prospect, but amidst the enthusiasm, the details of the employment contract should be noticed. While contracts are designed to protect both parties, there are warning signs that job seekers should be aware of before signing. Below, we provide a guide to spotting these potential obstacles in time. Carefully […]

Industries reporting more workplace bullying cases

Unfortunately, workplace bullying has gained prominence, shedding light on a troubling trend across various industries. Workplace bullying is now recognized as a concern that can have severe consequences for those who experience it. Let’s explore which industries have reported the most cases of workplace harassment in recent years. Healthcare: Surprisingly, this industry has witnessed a […]

National Labor Relations Act.

The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) protects employees’ rights and promotes healthy labor relations. Understanding its fundamental principles is essential for workers to navigate the complexities of labor relations more effectively and resolve issues with their employers more easily. First of all, what is the NLRA? Enacted in 1935, the NLRA aims to safeguard employees’ […]

Employment Law and AI

As technology advances, employment law and artificial intelligence (AI) present a landscape that requires careful management. Integrating AI in the workplace brings about opportunities and unprecedented challenges, raising critical legal considerations for employers and employees. Artificial Intelligence and Hiring Processes AI-powered tools are increasingly used to review resumes, conduct initial interviews, and evaluate candidates based […]

What are the social benefits?

Wellness benefits, or fringe benefits, are generally provided by employers to improve the well-being, safety, and satisfaction of their employees. These benefits often contribute significantly to employees’ overall work experience, making them happier in their workplace. Health care benefits Employer-provided health insurance is one of the most important benefits for employees. It typically includes medical, […]

Commercial Evictions: Legal Process and Rights

Commercial evictions can be challenging and complex for business owners navigating legal proceedings. Understanding the legal process and rights involved is crucial for those facing such circumstances. Commercial Evictions: Legal Process and Rights Commercial eviction generally begins when a landlord alleges a breach of lease terms, such as non-payment of rent or violating other contractual […]

Points to consider before signing an employment contract

Before deciding to sign a contract for a job, it is essential to evaluate several key points to ensure that you are making an informed decision about your new job and that it suits you as you expect. Here are some of the main factors you should consider: 1. Job expectations and responsibilities: Check that […]