Entire plant closings and your rights

Closures of entire plants can mean great hardship for the workers and the communities that make a living from their work at this plant, especially when they are very large. When a company decides to completely close a plant, there can be significant consequences for those who were working there and those who supported their […]

Tips on how to handle your retaliation case.

Unfortunately, there are times when employers can unlawfully retaliate against a worker for no apparent reason or for one they shouldn’t. These retaliations can create a hostile work environment and affect the person who suffers the retaliation in his professional career and his mental health. Therefore, we want to present you some tips to handle […]

Accommodations for religious purposes

Thanks to the advances that our country has made towards a more diverse and inclusive society, laws have been created that oblige employers to provide their workers with the necessary accommodations so that they can profess their religion as long as this does not affect their work. An employer who denies religious leave or accommodations […]

Your legal rights around retaliation

The illegal reprisals that employers take against their workers can significantly affect the professional life of the victim. Retaliation can be reflected in different actions that the worker takes after a worker decided to report an irregularity in the company, such as: Fortunately, laws that protect workers help employees who suffered from illegal retaliation get […]

Causes and consequences of workplace bullying

Bullying at work can affect anyone regardless of the position they hold within an organization. Generally, it occurs between colleagues, however, on some occasions it also happens between superiors and employees. Bullying can take different forms such as through any technological means, through physical or mental violence, or as any form of aggression towards the […]

What can we find in the “Family Law” Law?

In the “Family Law” law we can find a type of protection that is the right of all employees. This seeks to support those workers who require a permit of up to 12 weeks to keep their job while they are absent for reasons such as: Employers in the state are responsible for transmitting this […]

Bullying alerts at work and how to identify them

Unfortunately, bullying also often occurs in the workplace in a variety of ways and can be as simple as denying a coworker speech or as serious as insulting or physically assaulting. It is important that cases of bullying are identified in a timely manner in order to stop them and not let this affect the […]

Safety violations in the workplace

All employers should ensure the safety of their workers so that they can carry out their work without putting their health at risk. Unfortunately, there are many employers who, in order to save a little money or avoid the fatigue of training their employees, do not follow the basic safety standards that should be followed […]

Overtime laws

Thanks to California’s overtime laws, workers are protected from being exploited and required by their employers to work overtime that may turn dangerous to their health. In addition, these laws seek to ensure that if an employer requires the services of its employees for a period longer than the stipulated period, they are adequately remunerated. […]

Wage Rights

In California, as well as federally, there are different laws regarding wage compensation that workers are entitled to receive for rendering their services to an employer. It is the responsibility and obligation of the company to adequately pay its employees and comply with what the law establishes according to minimum wages, overtime pay, among others. […]